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February 3, 2009

California Dreaming II

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One of the other subjects that I am passionate about photographing is surfing. Many, including my wife, think I’m a bit insane waking up at 4:30 a.m. to swim out in freezing water at even the slightest hint of surf. It certainly is a labor of love. Here are a selection of my favorite images from the past few months. The first image was shot by another photographer on the beach while I was out in the water at nearly the exact same time that I captured the second image. The waves were on the small side, but it gives you an idea how photographs from the water are captured. Enjoy.












June 17, 2008

The Barrel Blend

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Kyle Knox, a good friend of mine and professional surfer who I shoot and travel with, has collaborated with the Hill Family Estate winery, located in Napa, to produce a wine appropriately named The Barrel Blend. I was asked if I could contribute a photograph for the label, which, being a wine lover myself, I was more than happy to do. The wine is a blend of 56% Merlot, 39% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Syrah and really is outstanding. My wife and I had the recent opportunity to enjoy a bottle with a couple of flat iron steaks and we were both blown away. Unfortunately, the wine isn’t available for retail purchase just yet, but I have been told it will be soon. As soon as I have a when and a where, I will update the details here. Salute!

March 28, 2008

California Dreaming

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I’ve been so busy this winter, I admit I have fallen behind with the blog and haven’t been posting as much as I would like. I promise to post more. After you live in sunny Southern California for a certain amount of time, the weather is always so ideal, you tend to forget that it is actually cold and winter-like in other parts of the country and world. The mid-west and north-east have experienced such an unusually harsh winter this year, and still are from what I can gather from the news clips, I decided to post some of my favorite surf images that I have captured this winter. Don’t be fooled though, as nice and sunny as the photos appear, the water is cold. Especially when you’re swimming around for four hours with a camera in your hand. Enjoy.











December 8, 2007

12.05.07 Leave If You Can

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About an hour and a half south of the border in northern Baja Mexico is a legendary surf spot named Salsipuedes. It is a long, right-hand point break that requires a large swell from a specific direction for it to work, which isn’t very often. Sometimes many years pass without it really turning on. Needless to say, it isn’t surfed all that often and photographed even less. Besides the wave itself, the setting is absolutely breathtaking. Rugged mountains and dramatic rock-strewn cliffs drop straight into cobalt water, very reminiscent of California’s Big Sur.
Salsipuedes literally means ‘leave if you can’, and though no one knows exactly why it was named, many say it is because when the wave is working, it is so perfect, it is difficult to leave. Others attribute the name to the treacherously steep and winding dirt road that drops down from the highway, which during heavy rains, becomes absolutely impassible. This past Wednesday, for me and a group of professional surfers, the name took on a whole new meaning.
Recently, a large development company, which plans on building an exclusive resort, purchased all of the land surrounding the break and has since closed the road. Now, the only legitimate way to access the spot is by water. With the largest swell in a couple of years bearing down on the coast and sunny skies forecasted, it looked like an ideal combination for Salsipuedes to wake up. And with the road closed, it would certainly limit the crowds. So a group of local professional surfers and I decided to charter a boat out of Ensenada, about fifteen miles to the south, and hopefully get the spot mostly to ourselves.
Unfortunately when we arrived in Ensenada Wednesday morning, we found that the port was closed and may not open due to the dangerous conditions. We weighed our options and decided to wait it out. After hours of debate between the boat captains and port manager, the port was opened and around mid-day, we were on our way.
Following a two-hour hell ride through the craziest seas I have ever witnessed, we pulled up to Salsipuedes only to discover the access road had been temporarily opened and about fifty surfers in the water and another fifty or so lining the rocky shoreline. Our hearts sank. And to add insult to injury, my stomach had given out and I could hardly even function. I did manage to get out in the water and shoot for about an hour before we had to begin our journey back. I was dreading that boat ride so much; I seriously considered just swimming to shore and having the guys pick me up on the road on their drive back. I decided to stick it out with the rest of the crew and needless to say, after another two-hour ride into the dark, we were all happy to get back on solid ground. Leave if you can.





November 1, 2007

The Devil Winds

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As I’m sure everyone knows, this past week saw some of the worst wildfires that Southern California and San Diego have ever experienced. The speed at which these fires spread and the amount of land and property consumed is difficult to even comprehend. All of those who have been affected by the blazes and the first responders and volunteers, who have made such a tremendous effort and continue to do so, are certainly in my thoughts and prayers.
Ironically, the same Santa Anna winds that prove so hazardous when it comes to wildfires create perfect surf conditions when combined with a swell event and we just so happened to get our first decent northwest groundswell of the season right as the Santa Anna’s began to blow and ignite the Southern California landscape. Ashes fell like snowflakes and acrid smoke obscured the sun. Not to be overly dramatic, but it really felt like the Armageddon was upon us.
If it was hell on land, it was heaven in the water. Now while chasing waves certainly seems pretty trivial in light of such incredible tragedy, as a photographer, I’m driven to capture beauty in even the ugliest of situations. And yes, I will be doing my part by participating in an art show to benefit the fire victims organized by TransWorld Surf Magazine. I will provide more details here when they become available. Here are a selection of images from this past week.









October 24, 2007

UnScene San Diego 2007

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This past May I was selected to take part in an ‘urban beach’ theme photography show put on by UnScene/Wall Kandy, which took place at the W Hotel in downtown San Diego. It really was a fantastic event and featured an incredibly strong collection of imagery from some of San Diego’s most talented photographers. I was honored just have been able to take part and never expected to actually win the event. As a result, I have been given the opportunity to display a selection of my work in the W Hotel in a one month, one-man show. I will provide more information here when the details of the exhibit are worked out. In the meantime, you can view photos from the 2007 UnScene San Diego Event and learn more about the tour and future events at the link below. These particular images are the ones that I had on display at the event.

UnScene San Diego 2007





October 9, 2007

10.06.07 Just Add Surf | Mission Beach

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Without a doubt, Fall is the nicest time of year in Southern California. Especially if you like to surf. After a windy, unsettled day of weather on Friday, Saturday turned out to be a quintessential Autumn day here in San Diego. Crystal clear, mid-70’s, and a light Santa Anna wind grooming the ocean’s surface. Though there wasn’t much surf to speak off, I still managed to get out and get a little work done.



September 6, 2007

09.01.07 Carlsbad

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Weddings aren’t the only subject that I am passionate about capturing in image. I am a life-long action sport addict and enjoy photographing the action just as much as taking part. After an unusually flat summer, Southern California was blessed with waves on Labor Day Weekend. Even though the waves weren’t huge, it was nice to get back out in the water with Carlsbad professional Charley Stevens, especially since we were in the middle of one of the strongest heat waves Southern California has experienced in years. Fall and Winter, the best seasons for surf in Southern California are quickly approaching, so check back in regularly for more of the action. In the meantime, you can see more of my sports work here.


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