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November 30, 2009

10.03.09 Andrew & Katie | La Jolla Shores & The Heritage House

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Andrew and Katie traveled down from Seattle (one of my other favorite cities) for an absolutely spectacular fall wedding in La Jolla. And you can’t get any more quintessential La Jolla then La Jolla Shores and The Heritage House. The Heritage House is a beautiful collection of restored historic cottages that share a common garden area. It really is a special venue. Every aspect of the day was simply stunning: the dress, the flowers, the cake. Add the beauty of La Jolla and San Diego’s fall weather and, well, you get perfection. Andrew and Katie and their family and friends were so relaxed and easy going, I had so much fun. Thank you Andrew and Katie for sharing such a wonderful day!

Ceremony: La Jolla Shores
Reception: The Heritage House
Coordinator: Renee Hirsch @ The French Gourmet
Dress: Marcella’s La Boutique
Flowers: Che Bella
Cake: The French Gourmet
Entertainment: The Blue Breeze Band

June 24, 2009

05.09.09 Chris & Jennifer | Hotel Del Coronado

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Chris and Jennifer came out from Wyoming with their family and friends for a beautiful wedding on the beach at the iconic Hotel Del Coronado. I really had a great time with Chris and Jennifer, they both have such a wonderful sense of humor and neither of them had any problem relaxing and just being themselves. And together they are an absolutely perfect match. They have known each other since grade school and are truly best friends and soul mates. Two peas in a pod. Toward the end of the evening, Jennifer gave a rousing lip-sink performance of Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine complete with a cameo by her mom and air guitar that had everyone on their feet. Enjoy the images and please feel free to leave a comment!

Venue: Hotel Del Coronado
Coordinator: Wedding Elegance
Flowers: Art Quest Flowers
Cake: Sweet Cheeks Baking Company


















April 29, 2009

04.11.09 Ryan & Erica | Coronado

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Erica didn’t want to hassle with a large, traditional wedding, so she and Ryan exchanged vows on the beach on Coronado with just a few friends, sand, and sky. We took advantage of the beautiful evening light for some photographs prior to their sunset ceremony, which was well, picture perfect of course. San Diego rarely disappoints. Congratulations Ryan and Erica!









04.10.09 Rollin & Tammy | Hotel Del Coronado

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Rollin and Tammy came down from Pasadena to have an intimate and moving wedding ceremony on the beach in front of the Hotel Del Coronado. The weather forecast was calling for thunderstorms, but Tammy was going to get married on the beach even if it was raining. So I came prepared with a jacket and umbrella, but luckily they didn’t have to be put to use. Though it was a bit windy, it turned out to be a wonderful day and the ominous clouds produced some beautiful and dramatic lighting. Congratulations Rollin and Tammy!










February 3, 2009

10.19.08 Michael & Leah | Breakers Beach North Island Coronado

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Michael and Leah decided to return from out of town to Breakers Beach on North Island Coronado, where they were once stationed, for their wedding and I can certainly see why. It’s such a beautiful and tranquil location situated on one of San Diego’s most breathtaking stretches of beach. During their ceremony billowing clouds rolled in over Point Loma, with shafts of sunlight streaming through, it made for a truly dramatic backdrop. During the reception I was pleasantly surprised. What had been a somewhat quiet and reserved group, really cut loose and got down on the dance floor. Toward the end of the evening, we were all treated to the primordial sound of the West African Djembe style drum troop Tam Tam Mandingue. The beats and rhythms were so infectious, everyone in the room, young and old, couldn’t help but get their groove on!

Venue: Breakers Beach North Island Coronado
Coordinator & Flowers: Elements of Style
Dress: Brides by Demetrios












January 31, 2009

10.17.08 Mike & Carmella | Coronado

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Mike and Carmella came out from Arizona with a small group of family and friends to wed on the beach of Coronado. Unbeknownst to them, one of Carmella’s daughters hired me as a surprise wedding gift to capture the afternoon. Well, Carmella was certainly a bit surprised when I came through the door and moved nearly to the point of tears. Carmella put a lot of work into creating a very unique ceremony that pulled from a variety of spiritual traditions and involved the complete circle of family and friends present. It was truly a privilege to have been able to share and capture such a special and beautiful celebration. Congratulations Mike and Carmella!










December 12, 2007

Your Picture Perfect Beach Wedding | Sun, Sand, Surf, and I Do’s (and Don’ts)

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Nothing embodies romance more than a beach wedding. Warm sun, a cool breeze, bare feet in the sand, and waves crashing in the background as you say ‘I do.’ A true storybook scene.

Yet as simple and carefree as a beach wedding may appear, there are a number of important details to consider and a few steps one can take when planning to ensure your seaside ceremony goes off without a hitch and is truly picture perfect.


1. The most important detail to consider when planning a beach wedding is the time of day that it will take place; early morning or late afternoon are best. Midday should be avoided if at all possible. In addition to being the warmest part of the day, the midday sun directly overhead is less than ideal in regard to photography. The intense glare and harsh shadows it creates are very difficult to avoid. Keeping in mind that an evening reception follows most ceremonies, late afternoon is typically the clear choice. You and your guests will be more comfortable and you will certainly be helping your photographer capture the best possible images.

2. Shade is good, particularly for the bride and groom. Even at the most ideal time of day, direct sun can create shadows and cause squinting. A little bit of shade provides a nice, even light and eliminates hot spots, which are magnified by perspiration. Palm trees are the ideal natural source of shade and certainly add to the ambience of a beach ceremony, but aren’t always present in the desired location, especially if the ceremony is taking place close to the water. chuppah3.jpg A small canopy, or better yet, a chuppah draped with white cloth is a simple alternative and provides ample shade for the bride and groom in addition to contributing to the light, breezy feel of the beach setting.

3. Most beach weddings are more casual than traditional church ceremonies, which the choice of clothing should reflect. No heavy bridal gowns or black tuxedos, not only will you look out of place, but you will undoubtedly be uncomfortable as well. Light materials and colors are more pleasant to wear and more fitting to the scene. And don’t forget to remind your family and guests. If you and the rest of the wedding party are comfortable, everyone will enjoy himself or herself much more and it will certainly show in the photographs.

4. Remember, Mother Nature is always in control. The very things that make a beach wedding so appealing can also spell disaster. Weather, wind, blowing sand, and extreme high tides are just a few of the many elements beyond one’s control that can put a serious damper on your ceremony. Research the local weather when planning and choose the most stable month if possible. Unfortunately Mother Nature isn’t always predictable, so definitely be prepared with a plan B.

5. Sand, sand, and more sand. If you intend on having the entire wedding party stand for the length ceremony, it’s best to keep it short, particularly if there will be seniors in attendance. If, on the other hand, you are considering the use of chairs, their legs tend to sink in the sand, causing them to become unstable. You certainly don’t want your guests tipping over into the sand or onto each other. Some rental companies offer flooring that the chairs can be placed on, but that increases set-up time as well as cost and complicates things considerably. If you do plan on having a large wedding party with a more extensive set-up, find a grassy area at a park or overlook in front of the ocean. True, it isn’t the same as being on the sand, but it will be much easier to deal with.

6. Crowds. The very same tranquil, romantic spot that you scouted during the week will be crawling with sunburned tourists on the weekend, even more so if your wedding date is on or near a holiday, so plan accordingly. Try to find a secluded spot off-the-beaten-path if possible and have someone stake it out earlier in the day so that it doesn’t get overrun before you arrive. Nothing kills romance more than a rowdy bunch of drunken revelers cheering you on during your ceremony and they certainly don’t make a very appealing backdrop for photographs either. Don’t forget about traffic and parking either, which will certainly be an issue on the weekend. Give yourself plenty of extra time and warn the rest of the wedding party; you don’t want to throw the entire schedule of your wedding off because you or family members can’t find parking.


7. Keep it simple. The true charm of a beach wedding lies in its simplicity. All that is inessential is stripped away leaving friends, family, you, and the love of your life surrounded by the beauty of sand and sea.

August 18, 2007

07.07.07 Cassie & Jeddy | Coronado and San Diego Bay

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Lucky number seven. More people wed on July 7th, 2007 than any other day of the year. I was fortunate enough to have spent it with Cassie and Jeddy, who had a simple, yet beautiful wedding ceremony on the beach of Coronado. The reception was held on a dinner cruise boat on San Diego Bay. I feel I was the lucky one just to have been able to take part. Thank you and congratulations Jeddy and Cassie!








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